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Welcome to the online store of lamps and chandeliers designed for home and office use.

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About us

In our store you will find fashionable lamps and appliances made in a classic design. Elegant floor lamps, laconic built-in products, original wall and ceiling lighting structures, LED solutions will transform your apartment.

The online store also offers an assortment of chandeliers, pendant lamps, spotlights and table lamps. These are products made of crystal, glass, plastic and other materials presented in various designs. The most demanding customer will also be satisfied with our range of sockets and switches, which you can add to your purchase.

Featured Products

Lamps have long ceased to be only a source of illumination, now they are decorative elements, integral parts of the interior or even independent art objects. We offer all types of lamps for your choice, regardless of whether you are going to strictly adhere to a certain style, or your interior is a kind of design experiment. We have tried to make the purchase of lamps as simple and convenient as possible for you.

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Floor lamp table


Brighten up your room with this elegant wood table lamp with a white shade that diffuses a warm and romantic light when the night falls. Featuring a lovely white lampshade and multicolored wood base, this table lamp will add a unique touch to your home decor.

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Hanging lamp


Add style and personality to your room with this pendant light. The lamp combines the beauty of faceted natural wood and multi-colored wire in a textile winding. The luminaire is equipped with LED lamps, which provide high-quality and reliable light for the eyes.

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Retro Edison Bulb


This is the "golden mean" in the line of spherical retro lamps. Its size is the most popular because it is not too big and not too small. This version is 60W in transparent glass.

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Special Offer

Brighten up your workspace or lounge area with our multifunctional table lamp that allows you to focus light where you need it most. The table lamp is equipped with LED lamps that provide high-quality and reliable light for the eyes.

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